Deep Listening Band: Tosca Salad

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  • Off the Beaten Tracker
  • Renko’s Birthday
  • Dempster Oliveros Duet
  • Gamper Dempster Duet
  • Oliveros Gamper Duet
  • Coming Together
  • Epigraphs in Times of Aids
  • Dream Time
  • Not Very Deep Hackets
  • The Saucer’s Apprentice
  • Ten Ears Celebration
  • From Now On

A tasty variety of free improvisations excerpted from recordings of Deep Listening Band rehearsals and of the Band in concert. Band members Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and David Gamper are featured exploiting the sonoric and spatial palette of the Expanded Instrument System. Performers Julie Lyon Rose, Fritz Hauser, Urs Leimgruber, Ben Neill, Joe McPhee, Joe Giardullo, Ellen Fullman, Nigel Jacobs and Elise Gould appear as guest artists. A wonderful chronological acoustic essay of the Band's work over the last two years. (1995)

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