Robert Ashley: Music with Roots in the Aether

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Foreward by Robert Ashley

Landscape with David Behrman

  • Extending our nervous systems”

  • Drifting Harmonies (Paul DeMarinis)

Landscape with Philip Glass

  • I’m making the rules”

  • Music of the Moment (Peter Gordon)

Landscape with Alvin Lucier

  • With and without purpose”

  • Stretching Our Imagination (Jill Kroesen)

Landscape with Gordon Mumma

  • I’m using the by-product of my culture”

  • The System Is the Composition Itself (Maggi Payne)

Landscape with Pauline Oliveros

  • I can feel myself changing”

  • Shedding Another Skin (Margaret Ahrens)

Landscape with Roger Reynolds

  • I’m always interested in new experience”

  • Extending Instrumental Techniques (Paul Robinson)

Landscape with Terry Riley

  • Music is my spiritual path”

  • Terrry Is a Solo Act (Craig Hazen)

Landscape with Robert Ashley

  • Sound Changing Its Own Behaviour (Robert Sheff)


  • Robert Ashley Documents the Aether (Tom Johnson)

  • Essayist’s Biographies

  • Composers’ Selected Discographies

  • Index of Names

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