Deep Listening: Carrier

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  • Lucille’s Violin
  • Pigeon
  • Carrier
  • Lucille’s Violin (Algorithmic Remix)

Carrier includes samples and loops from material recorded for demo tapes by Harald Bode, inventor of the Bode Vocoder and owner/operator of Bode Sound company. These loops included historic recordings by musician/artist Steina Vasulka playing her violin through the Bode Vocoder in the early nineteen seventies. The loops were mixed live during performances and used to modulate the voice of Peer Bode, son of Harald. Peer was reading an original text that he wrote based on parts of his father’s technical notebooks. For me the piece was like floating on an ocean of memory. During most of the performance I sat with my eyes closed making very small adjustments to the mix and changing loops. Peer’s reading was hypnotic, pure sound shifting and drifting. Pauline’s playing was amazing, so sensitive and in tune with the other sounds. We had very little rehearsing time. Yet, following Pauline’s score/life practice "to listen to verything all the time and remind yourself to listen" we were able to pull together a remarkable recording. Pauline was the catalyst for this concert. Her willingness to take chances and her spirit of cooperation lead Peer and I to the decision to perform the piece. Pauline has helped countless people and she deserves endless thanks.

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