James Tenney

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James Tenney, Gerhard Stäbler, Galina Ustwolskaya, Tilman Reitz, Geschichte der Improvisation

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Martin Smolka, Peter Graham, Marek Kopelent, Irakkrieg-Umfrage, John Cage, James Tenney, Jean-Luc Hervé, Kulturradio

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James Tenney, Brian Ferneyhough, Wilhelm Killmayer, Andrzej Panufnik, Harmonik

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Computer-composed and synthesized music

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The Barton Workshop
James Fulkerson, conductor
Two CDs

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Lea Letzel, Turgut Erçetin, Steffen Krebber, Stefan Pohlit, Peter Ablinger, José Manuel Serrano, Nicolaus A. Huber, Marc Sabat, James Tenney

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Walter Zimmermann
Desert Plants
Conversations with 23 American Musicians
Reprint of the edition from 1976
including the original recordings on CD
Berlin: Beginner Press, 2020, 376 pages

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